Trustys Image: Blog en-us (C) Trustys Image (Trustys Image) Sun, 23 Aug 2020 17:43:00 GMT Sun, 23 Aug 2020 17:43:00 GMT Trustys Image: Blog 85 120 Sunflower season 2Q20... This was a fun day today. I got the permission from the Aberle Farms to take some client photos in their sunflower fields and yesterday I told a client the time was now to get in before the heads drop or we have to wait another year for the chance. Every year there is a short window of time to do this so I jump into the fields as much as I can before that time runs away from me.

This day we were asked by a local physician to take some shots of her daughter in the sunflower fields. Wonderful family and the daughter is adorable so I was very happy for the chance to do so. She was a little shy at first but after some time she opened up and was very playful about the whole thing towards the end of the shoot. I may be a bit of a child myself so anything she would do would pale in comparison to what I am willing to do to get a shot if need be. :-) haha 

We took some shots in three different locations and I believe we got some images that mother will be happy with for a long time to come. That is always our goal when we are done. I have always said not one person will pick the shots they like that another would pick. So, that being said, I always try to have a variety of shots for them. I usually am hard on myself even at the end of doing this, though never be justified in doing so, the client is usually very happy with the result. 

I am very thankful for this season, the farmers permission, the mothers trust in us and most of all the Client (beautiful Sully this time around) for the experience and trust that goes into this session. It was a lot of fun and look forward to the next opportunity. :-)

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Long live the "HERD"...

Against my better judgement Kris and I took the day to spend some time in Medora and Theodore Roosevelt NP on the bike "Black Pearl". The weather was going to be nice but in the end turned out to be my wife's favorite weather and not mine... 100 degrees out there with not a cloud in the sky. The sun was beating down on us and with a large big engine between my legs I was not as enthused as Kris may have been. 

One thing that did go well for us that day was running into a herd of Bison in the park. We got to see a lot of new calves and some of them actually feeding. We also got to see them cross the Little Missouri river at one point even though it was a distance away from us. Even on our way out we had one lone Bison feeding along the Prairie Dog camps at the entrance of the driving loop. 

Taking that into account and the busy downtown area where we had a nice Walleye meal and some of our usual Taffy and Caramel purchase it turned out to be a great day even in the heat. We even bumped into a friend of ours who was playing music along the Classic car event going on that day. We did have some affects of heat exhaustion hitting us at one point but the trip was worth all the good things that happened this day. We really recommend everyone take some time and visit our favorite place in North Dakota. Also, if you would like there will be new photos in some of the albums in our website so look for those. We know we will return...

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Unexpected farming pic...

Today on our trip to Wahpeton and celebrate one of our nieces high school graduation we got a bit of a surprise. Yes, the open house went very well and the food was amazing... that pulled pork Pat!! AMAZING!!! :-P Had some good talks with family members that has been far overdue as well. When things were just getting going the heavens broke open and the rains came down hard. We had to get back home to the Bismarck area so the timing was awesome, insert sarcasm here, and we worked our way through to get to the open sky's of central North Dakota. Once we got there the rain subsided but the wind did not. About that time we came across a stray calf, problem solved, found out a dog we saved months ago was doing great, yes one for us, and one farm in the middle of nowhere had its irrigation sprinkler system running and with the wind it made us want to stop and take a few photos. So, if you go to the North Dakota section look in the Farming album to see a few of the results. What a great find! :-)

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Old dirt roads...

This weekend we took a drive away from all the garbage that seems to be living in the bigger cities lately. We have a longing for the way things used to be living here in North Dakota not so long ago. Times sure have changed just about everywhere and it is hard to accept sometimes. So when that comes to us hitting the road is sometimes not enough... we have to take the gravel roads and go where the life is simple and friendlier than the every day life we are living in today's world. Finding the old homesteads, farms and ranches out in the rural country here is a lot of fun. Some are not doing well but have a lot of character to them so as photographers it can be a lot of fun for us. If you browse around the albums you will find several of them have new photos in them from this weekend. Enjoy the treasure hunt and the new photos...

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Metal prints for Lincoln Repair... Today was a good day for two businesses. One got an opportunity to display some of its work in another business' waiting room while another got some much needed bare walls filled with some awesome metal prints. 

When we made friends with the owners of a new start up auto repair shop we had no idea it would go so far as to corroborating together for the benefit of both our businesses. Today was the day that we met in Josh's office to figure out what would work for the most important blank space in his business. The waiting area is the first area he wanted to add some flare to. I was the lucky photographer that got to show him some of the pictures that may work for that area. We talked about how it should reflect him and his family so it was not out of place on the walls there. We came up with three he though depicted him and his family and got to work on getting them printed on medal for that blank wall I referred to.

Metal prints in an auto repair shop... an obvious choice but unless you think about it the small details like that are not as obvious as one would think. In the end they came out very beautiful and are a good start to filling in the spaces in his business. So with that said we are very thankful to Lincoln Repair and Josh himself for this opportunity. If you need any auto repair work done this is the first place I would suggest to anyone. Once you are there why not check out the prints we put on the wall and get a two for one in your visit...

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Senior pic season... Today was another day of the chaos that I lovingly call "Senior Picture Season"!

Today I got out there to many many locations for my client. She was the first person, let alone girl, to request shots in the local comic book store. I knew right there this was going to be a good time for me as a photographer. The store was a challenge but I feel we got what she wanted out of that store. The rest of the morning and early afternoon was getting some of the usual routine stops done like the stairwell outside KFYR-TV, the mural wall on 5th street, and of course the Capital lawn. The most fun though was taking her to some of my favorite hidden or personal spots... like down on River Road and down by Fox Island. 

We had a good time and I got some of the best shot of her and look forward to hearing her thoughts on the results. This time of the year is always very busy and exhausting but always seems to bring out some great work from the photographer's standpoint. I hope all ht seniors get what they want and best of luck on your final year. 

Enjoy it...

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Sunflower season... Get out and see the beauty of our summer farming community! August is the peak season to get outside and see the sunflowers blooming in fields spread out all over North Dakota. This state is a huge supplier of this crop and is absolutely breathtaking to see each year. Most people drive by at high speeds past the beautiful fields but I always look forward to this month for one reason. Getting my camera out and getting as many pictures as possible in hopes of getting some really good shots. They have always been one of my favorite things to shoot. 

So get out there while you can and find those sunflowers fields. Take the time to really enjoy them....

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Lets Park... This year we decided to take a break from the big trips and stay close to home and give it a little rest this year. So, on my birthday we thought a nice trip on the bike to a local National Park might be in order. Theodore Roosevelt National Park is just around 130 miles from our home and has a lot of wildlife and beauty that is not often associated with the state of North Dakota. For those that live here though it is usually on the yearly schedule for them. 

We found the usual cute Prairie Dogs playing around on high alert to all the weird humans watching them. We also found a lot of beauty in the scenery as well with the clouds in the area it makes all the colors pop out for you... sunrises and sunsets are breathtaking in this park (not on the agenda today though). One spot we did not know about was a ranch inside the park along the river that runs through the park. We finally decided to go down the road to the ranch this time instead of our usual flyby. We found some horses and the old homestead still in great shape and worth looking at.

So if you find some time go to the park in western North Dakota and if you must go to the musical that plays every night as well. Lots of fun to be had out here in North Dakota. I have pictures of the trip in several album on this website so please check them out. They can be found in the Domestic Animals, Other Creatures, Harley Life, Theodore Roosevelt NP, and Floral albums.


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Crisp NoDak Thanksgiving morning...      

This morning was going to be a lazy one in preparation of the gluttony of feasting to come that afternoon like the rest of the nation this day! We woke up to find that everything was covered in a heavy frost and fog was dense dense dense. So, what are you to do but to grab all the camera equipment before the showers even happen to see what photography moments were out there waiting for us.

     We headed out in a different direction this time south of Bismarck along the Missouri River. Down this route there are a lot of ranches that would go well with the frost in a black and white or color highlighted type of style. We were not disappointed as we found several locations with nice tree lines to some cattle at the bottom of the hill in a small grove.

     We found plenty of opportunities out there and you can see them in a few albums in the website... Domestic Animals, Bismarck and Farming ND are the albums if you need some help finding them.



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Rhoads-Neigum family...  

         We had the incredible pleasure to be contacted by the fun loving Rhoads-Neigum family and asked to take some portraits in the crisp Autumn air this weekend. We were thrilled to have this opportunity and was even more pleased when they wanted to have them taken around the Heritage Center and Capital grounds. There are so many interested spots to take photos there and they were champs when we guided them into our strange world of photo ideas. The best part is we didn't even hit all of the areas we like to take photos in this location. However; we got plenty of options for them to choose from when the editing is completed soon.

      We started with some more formal shots along the tree line around the Heritage Center just to get that comfort in front of the camera thing going. Then we slowly increased my level of shot options on them by getting them in front of the Canon ball rocks and of course into the tall grass area in front of the main entry. That was a lot of fun to see how far they would go to get interesting family pictures. :-) We found an east wall that had a cool angle to it and had them lean into it in different ways and took a couple of angles in those shots to get more photo options out of it.

     Once that area was completed we went over to the more traditional shot area for local photographers by the capital. We chose to have them sit and stand along the library steps and pillars for some fun shots that actually became more fun than we originally thought they would be... I think we took the most photos at this location in the end so that was a good last second decision.

     Finally we went over to the tree line north of the new Governors mansion to get some shots with some great leaves still on the trees there at the time. This became more playful at the end and I think they will enjoy those pictures that came at the end the most from the afternoon. A couple of ideas came from the younger people in the group so that really turned out great in hindsight. 

      I am still editing the photos and will work hard to get them completed for them to choose from here shortly. If all goes well I hope they will grant me the permission to put my favorites on the website as an example of what we can do for people in the Portrait category of our work. We enjoyed our time with them and we hope you will look for the work to come here soon in a new album we will be creating. 

      Thank to a wonderful family! :-)

      Tony & Kristie


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Murals of Jud...

     Today we took a long drive to an area of North Dakota we heard about but had not yet visited. We heard of this town called Jud that has most of the buildings covered in murals. Well, that peaked our interest and we spent a couple hours driving to it Southeast of Jamestown.

     As promised, the town was indeed full of buildings covered in murals. The surprise was how small the town was and how little, other than the grain elevator, was going on in this small little town. How did they afford painting all these buildings with so few people and no real working businesses here? 

    We had a great time literally walking throughout the town and taking photos of each and every one of the murals. We also found some silo's and a well maintained church in the back section of town. You really have to look for it even as small as the town is. If you take the time on the west side there is a watershed which was also an interesting find.

     So, if you find the time head out to this cool little town and see what you can find. We will be heading back ourselves as we both said to each other upon leaving our first time there. We love the feel of this little town and it was a delight to find it. :-)


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the Klungtvedt wedding...

What a day for me yesterday. Weddings have never been my favorite thing to do. Every woman on the planet has dreamed of that day, most of their life, and of course they want everything to be perfect when it finally does come for them. I understand that and I take that very seriously. So, obviously that puts a lot more stress on myself than i care to go through to often. I do take on the ones for people I love or know in some way with the occasional couple I cannot find a good reason to say no to. :-) It is a constant struggle for me and I need to get over it but it is what it is even to this day.

So as I was saying...

This one was special to me... it was my little brother's wedding to a wonderful woman I would have been hard pressed to find a better lady for him if I had tried. I was not really under a lot of pressure to be the guy for this but it became obvious pretty early into it that this was the case and I wanted them to have some photos to remember this day by. It was a small private outdoor setting in a state park in northern Minnesota near Duluth. It really is a beautiful area and full of vegetation for the shoot so I was very happy about that to start with. The ceremony was beautiful and I got a close up vantage point to see my brother and his bride in the most intimate moments of the ceremony. So, I felt very honored to see everything happening that no one else could see between them. It was a wonderful thing to see two people in love with each other, let alone one being my brother and the other my new sister, showing it in little private moments. The lighting was choppy in the overhang area they were in but I got some good shots of the event in any case.

After the ceremony was over we all went out to an overlook to get some formal shots before we headed off to the reception party. The overlook was facing the sun so we did our best with the alignment but after a few shots I directed everyone to the opposite part of the field to a treeline that would serve us better. This is where we got the best shots in my opinion and even got some playfulness out of everyone in some of them. I will use one of those shots as a blog photo for this post. :-)

So all in all a great day and I was happy to do my part for them. I will always cherish that. I wish them a life full of happiness , love & prosperity in their new life together.
I love you both,
Tony (& Kris)

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Crazy end to "the Trustys" shoot...

Saturday morning we were set up to do an indoor studio style photo shoot to fill in some gaps to our soon to be published Social Marketing website business. We ended up going outside into our yard as well since the Lilacs were blooming at the same time. That ended up being a nice backdrop to our portraits outside. Both sets went very well and we had some good shots to use so we were very happy with that outcome.

After using some of them we found that we needed some distant shots as well to fit certain areas of the site to come. We went to the river Sunday morning to get some shots there with everything looking nice and green with the grasses and trees in the area. As a bonus the river is being pumped full of water from the damn up north so the water added some more life to the photos as well. This shoot became the better one of the weekend and we ended up getting our homepage shots for the upcoming site. So, it was a good decision from that standpoint.

Near the end of the morning shoot though we got to the truck and packed up all the gear to find that the keys I put into my rear pocket had somehow changed. The clip that held the remote, truck key & misc. keys had somehow lost the truck key during the shoot. We literally spent a good hour scouring the area grass for it with no luck. Then "Karma" came along with a man in a car stopping to see if we needed help. We were happy to have it since the walk would be a long one if we did not find it. He stepped out of his car with his new puppy on a leash and took no more than 10 feet of steps when Kris bent down to pet the cute guy... and right there under the puppies paws was the key we had been looking for all this time.

We gave to puppy a lot of love and a hearty bro hug to the friendly young man who stopped with a lot of thank you's as well. I still have no idea how the key came off and how God put this man and that puppy in front of us because I am sure we would have not found that key otherwise. I am a firm believer that things are put in front of you to help, guide or bless you one way or another... you just have to embrace it. Today all that fell into place and we are very thankful for it. :-)

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Mislead inspiration...

Saturday was a day that did not go anywhere that was intended at the start of the trip. We heard several times about this town called Sims here in North Dakota with a really cool church still in use. We started out of the Mandan area and found a county road called Lyon Rd and followed it through some severe nothingness to what we call a farm road here. This farm road gave us some exciting fun we had not expected with the road having zero maintenance done to it this time of year... so we had some water/ice crossings and one incredible snow crossing, that I was not sure the truck could get through, but HELL YEAH CHEVY!! :-)

Once we finally got through those problems we got on the nothingness highway again and found our way to the town of Almont. Almont has an old district that must be seen by everyone with a passion for this area of the country and it's history but also to those that have no idea what life was like around here in the past. They have some incredible buildings and objects to checkout in this town so please find your way there and take it all in. You will not regret the trip... cool little town with some very friendly people.

Almont was fun but that was not the reason for our trip this day so we headed north and found Sims just a few miles out of Almont. The church was indeed there along with an old pastor home. We got some photos of that and noticed down the gravel road that there was an old farm home falling apart and found some good character in it for some more photos. A local dog came up to us and was very friendly and left us wondering if we should leave it there alone or not. A farm nearby and a name tag said everything would be alright. It was a very friendly dog and a lot of fun so best of luck to him.

The remainder of our trip was us trying to find some other small towns in the area with some character but in the end 80% of them were on the map and when we found them they turned up to be a farm or not there at all... very frustrating but part of the journey in the end. We did find some windmills along the way though and everyone here should know that I love me some windmills. 

So, in the end we had a good day even if it was not entirely where we intended to go but that is part of what I love about photography... getting out there and discovering new places and sometimes finding things most people do not know about. I love the excitement of not knowing what is around the next corner. My curiosity always drives me and I hope you let your curiosity do the same for you... 

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Drone self-training...

So, the weather seems to be nice for the moment and I have to get used to flying the drone before I really have to know how to fly it (big summer trip for example). Having said that I took the opportunity to get out to the small ghost town of Arena to give my freestyle flying ability a test run so to speak. Once I have a feeling that I am getting pretty thorough with this skill I will look into the preset settings on the drone like waypoint flight and so on for the videos to look very smooth and have a professional feel to them. For now though it is all about getting used to the controls. So, todays video upload will obviously be a little choppy but should be pretty impressive for a first run. 

I will put up a teaser trailer on both this site in the DJI Mavic Pro - drone album and also in the website Facebook page as well. however, the full length video will be in our YouTube channel for everyone to see (you can get to that page by clicking the link at the top of all the pages in this website). I will do the same with future drone videos as well so everyone has an idea what we will be doing with this new feature of ours later on.

Arena, as some may realize, is a past adventure for us with the cameras and I thought it would be an interesting site for practicing my skills. There is little for distractions or obstacles to get in the way and it is also within close proximity to the Bismarck area so it should do nicely when I feel like getting some flying time in. 

I hope you all enjoy the video and keep a look out on future videos in these before mentioned areas earlier in this post. Have a great day... 

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Cathay loop...

This weekend we heard of a town with some good character between the Fessenden and Carrington areas. So, we took the time to go up there and see what we could find even though it was winter and most of the scenery needs a summer feel to it but we went for curiosity sake anyway. 

Along the way we found an interesting state historical site called the Hurd Farm that was located 5-6 miles southwest of the town of Hurdsfield. What we found was the most unusual house I have ever seen in this part of the country. I have included some photos of the house I am talking about in the North Dakota 2 album and the photo included in this post. Though the attic has a circular room to it the ground floor has two small bedrooms and a living area but there seemed to be no kitchen. I am curious on how that could be... maybe it was part of the living area? There were no seem spots that may have made that theory possible but one would think so considering there was nowhere else it could have gone.

The next stop was Cathay... the town was full of interesting photography opportunities including two churches, a run down school, and a main street with a humorous setup you will see in a few pictures of a gun club building next to the post office. I feel the irony a mile a way. :-) I think we will have to return to this town in the summer to get photos of this town again.

On our way home we found another town we will have to return to called Bremen. I was driven to go there since in Germany the city of Bremen is near my ancestors home town of Asendorf so I was curious to see what North Dakota's version might have to offer. Though there is not much left to see there it does have a lot of old run down houses and buildings for us to photograph. So we took advantage of that.

So, all in all this was a really good weekend for us... we saw things we had not seen before, saw historical places and a lot of near to be ghost towns in our state. This seems to be a hot bed of activity for our photography and we will have to explore more of this area in the future. I would hope that you will do the same... you will not be sorry. :-)

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Balfour trip...

Today we finally got back out there and looked for a good "ghost town" to shoot some photos of. I heard, somewhere in my distorted head of mine, "RETRACTOR!" That gave me an idea... off to Balfour, North Dakota we go. The town of Balfour has a few people left living there but is very much falling apart. For us that peaks our interest from a photography standpoint.

The town of Balfour follows the famed highway 52 going from Minot to Jamestown. This town sits closer to Minot than it does to Jamestown. The railroad follows that same highway so one would think that all the towns along them would be doing pretty well. It seems to be the opposite though... the only towns that seem to be surviving well are Velva ,which seems to be more of a suburb of Minot more than an independent community, and Harvey which is a serious farming community right in the middle of that stretch of highway.

Balfour today was one of those towns starting to fall away to history like so many around North Dakota. It still has enough character left in it that it drove us to it in hopes of finding some good photos today. I brought all the gear along including the new drone, DJI Mavic Pro, but was not used today due to the sub 0 temperatures out there. I did not want to risk damaging or destroying my new toy so we used only the Canon 1D's today on our trip. 

There are a couple churches in town, an old brick school (though falling apart and fenced off preventing people from getting into it) & a main street with a handful of building still being used with some character to them. Even one of the buildings is made out of a metal tin material has turned into a beautiful red tone over time. We even found some things along our drive to Balfour that got our attention as well. So, if you would like to check out the North Dakota, ND Ghost Towns 2 & Wildlife albums and see what we found on our adventure today... please do. 

​​​​​​​Have a great day and keep shooting...

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Exploring Merricourt to Forbes...

This weekend we decided to try driving to a couple more ghost towns listed for North Dakota. This drive would include the areas between the towns of Merricourt and Forbes. Though we found that they were not true ghost towns but growing towards that distinction instead. We got some good elevator shots, some good abandoned buildings like a bank and a school, some farm shots and a church that had somehow been converted into a small makeshift barn or storage area on the ranch. 

A school we found was really interesting since it was both falling apart and also partially torn apart. We got a few shots of it but for the most part the interesting shots came outside instead of in the school which was mostly stripped of all the good stuff. But the other buildings we found did give us some fun shots along with a tank in front of the VFW in town.

Along the way we found an old battle site which, after some moderate driving, on the gravel roads out there led us to the cemetery and monuments for the Battle of Whitestone Hill. If you do not know the story go to the address I just listed and read into it. I have lived here most of my life and I knew nothing about it. A few of the names involved had a lot to do with this area and it's history. 

We were looking for some interesting ghost town shots for this trip but instead found some other interesting finds instead. If you have the time I recommend that you make the same journey yourself. Enjoy the photos as well where you will find in the North Dakota, ND Ghost towns 2, Miscellaneous and People albums in the website. Have a good day...


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Soooo... here we go on another Ghost Town adventure. This time we decided to try a town we heard was rebuilding the way it used to look. The buildings are being redone one at a time but still has a long way to go though. The town we are talking about is Manfred North Dakota. If you travel to highway 52, on the eastern end of it, you will find it right along the highway. We took that route to go through Fessenden and headed west to Manfred.

Along our way we had a little surprise... every few miles we saw signs that said only "QUACK" on them in different ways until we got to Bowdon which was having it's "Duckfest" celebration. President Donald J Trump was there to greet us and we took a couple photos to seal the deal with him. Bowdon had a kids play carnival going on, food area like all Midwest events have and some vendors to spend your hard earned money on. All in all a good family time was being had there.

We did finally get to Manfred after our stay in Bowdon and the town was in a lot better shape, construction wise, than we had expected. They are really doing a good job on restoring the town. We took some pictures of the structures in the area along with some classic cars that are sitting around in disrepair. They are always one of my favorite things to shoot when I am out so that was nice to find. It is safe to say Kris did have a better outing with her camera than I did this day even though I though I did pretty well myself. As usual it was overcast outside so lighting was a bit of an issue but we went with it and got some good photos anyway.

On our way back home we saw an opportunity to stop at an area we had heard about called Lincoln Valley. It was a bit of an adventure to find considering there were no markings aside from one saying; Lincoln Valley Rd ----> That was not much help so we ended up taking one farm road, passing one family in a truck looking at us like "What in thee hell are they doing here?", and a lot of gravel roads to get to the destination. This town does not have much left to speak of but a few of the structures were still partially standing so we got some of them and a few photos of each other as well... one turning into our new business card in the process.

So, all in all the trip turned out to be a very good one and if you have the time please do go to Manfred and see how interesting that little town is and take a few shots while you are at it. :-)

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North Unit...

This weekend was another trip to get some fall colors in Theodore Roosevelt NP "North Unit". It was a nice sunny day compared to the last time we had visited. Not having overcast smoky skies was refreshing but gave us another challenge we did not expect. The sun was in our face most of the day due to most of the North Unit sights being on the south side of the road that goes into that part of the park. We have come to the conclusion that if you are looking to have great pictures in this part of the park you need to be there and ready when the sun comes up. You will find the sun will be your nemesis the rest of the day if you do not.

We did get some photos out of the trip thought even if we would give the trip a "C" grade from our past trips. The one thing that did happen though was seeing, for the first time, a bull play and roll in a sleeping pit they make. We had never seen that before so that was a great experience. Even though it did bring up another problem. We had been taking landscape pictures all day and when this happened we had our settings to one picture at a time instead of on the rapid fire we needed. So, in that scenario we only got a few pictures and left thinking of what we could have had if that setting had been set correctly ahead of time. Oh well, it never goes a 100% to plan but we did get something out of it.

We hope you enjoy the pictures that we have put into the People, Wildlife, Miscellaneous and the new Theodore Roosevelt NP/Medora albums. :-) Enjoy...

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Overlook hike...

Tonight we took a chance in getting a shot of the sunset on the local railroad bridge in the town of Bismarck. Timing is a huge obstacle, lighting is another one and just plain out luck can be the biggest when it comes to getting the right shot in this situation. The other night if we had thought of having our camera's with us those things would have all come into focus for us and we would have had the perfect shot.

Tonight was not as lucky for us... the sunset had clouds at the horizon but clear skies otherwise. It did not give us the light show on the bridge like we had the other night. We did give it a go though as we had hiked all the way up the hillside to try and get it in the first place. So, we have a few pictures to show for it but not what we were hoping for.

The albums with some of the pictures in them are the North Dakota, People, Wildlife and Miscellaneous albums. So, take a look and we hope you enjoy what we found. :-)

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Morning Fog...

Have you ever gone past something as a photographer and say "OH crap that would make a great photo"! I have done this for five years here in the Lincoln area every time the fog rolls in. The fog has a lot of valleys or low spots to sit here with all the water in the surrounding area. I have lost count on how many times I have seen a scene on the way to work or some other location and wish I had my camera with me to take a few pictures. Today I woke up and saw the fog had rolled in again on a Sunday morning and jumped out of my skin finally and got out there. I had to take a few pictures before the sun burned the fog out of town this time. Here is one photo and when I get all the photos loaded to the website you will see more of them. I hope you enjoy it? :-)

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Sunflower territory...

Today was a day that I needed to get out and try too get some pictures of the beautiful Sunflower fields around the area. They will be losing all their pedals soon before they start their long drying period before the harvest. I knew that a lot of farmers south between Sterling and Strasburg had a lot of Sunflower fields so that is the area that I concentrated on my picture opportunity.

I took some stops along the way finding out that a lot of fields were already drying out but I did find a couple great fields around the Linton and Strasburg areas. It seemed like they also had the largest heads on their flowers as well. The best one even had the most bee's to be found as well. I could literally hear them buzzing around me as I took my pictures. A bit unnerving since I have had a lot of bad stings riding the Harley the past couple years. The farmers in this state seem to all want bee's on their farms but the problem is they all put them right next to the roads... a serious danger to the bikers of this state.

If you got time make your way out for a nice drive and see the beauty of our farm country in our state. This is the best part of the year for this experience along with harvest time where the smells are something you will always remember with a great fondness after experiencing it for yourself.

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Majestic Morton county...

This weekend we started our journey with the intention of checking out a town we have not been to by the name of Judson... simple result was a total bust in that town. So, with my past experience if the first plan does not pan out look for another. We took our journey south and hit every gravel road we could find and took our drive to places we had not been before.

There was a lot of nothing from there to Flasher but after that we found some really cool abandoned vehicles from the past, flowers and some old farms that we could not resist taking pictures of. After all that driving we found ourselves in the town of Huff which to our surprise gave us the most picture opportunities of our day. The day was a struggle with the overcast skies but we did what we could with what we had found. A bad day of photography will always be better than a good day at work that is for sure. :-)

When we got home I found out I also had a screw in my rear tire of my truck so these photos seriously had a price to them. It was all worth while to us though and I look forward to the next adventure. I love driving around this area and finding things that the majority of the people here do not know anything about. It is a good time if you just get out there and look for them yourself. The photos can be found in the "North Dakota", ND Ghost Towns", "Flora", "Miscellaneous" and "People" albums of the website. I hope you will take a look and I hope you enjoy them...


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Sanatorium secrets...

The easiest way to start talking about this journey is to refer you to the TV show of "Ghost Adventures". This years season had an episode right here in North Dakota in the small town of Dunseith along the Turtle Mountain Reservation of the Chippewa tribe. On top of the hill overlooking the town there is an abandoned place called the San Haven Sanatorium.

This was a good ride on "Black Pearl" through a lot of beautiful farm land along the towns of Harvey, Bottineau  and other small towns along the way. We found some old farm houses, fields of grain, old churches and of course the sanatorium as well to explore. There is a lot of damage to the sanatorium but the floor structure seems to be intact for the most part though I would avoid the roof on the east side... it looks to be caving in. The scariest part of the facility is the basement where the tunnel is located. It is the location where transporting the patients to the morgue would happen. All of that and the darkness that stays in that location, at all times of the day, make it a great place to see how much courage you hold. :-)

I am not sure if the tribe likes all the people showing up and walking around but during our visit there were at least a dozen people exploring ... some being tribe members. So, I did not feel like it was a problem on our visit to the site. If you are looking for a good adventure in our proud state you might want to head up to the beautiful Turtle Mountains for some of your time.

I have included a video on the Videos page in our website of the walk through we had and there are pictures, of course, in the "People", "Harley Life", "ND Ghost Towns" & "North Dakota" albums. I hope you enjoy them and be safe...


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Ghost town redirection...

Today our ghost town adventures continued. This time we took "Black Pearl" to a town called Crystal Springs. Rumor has it that there was a natural spring fountain there and we wanted to see it. We took our ride there anxious to see what this old town would show us. Once we got there we found a gravel road there to greet us. I was not to happy about riding down it but did it anyway for the sake of the adventure. It was a short gravel section and once we got to the spring we found that someone had vandalized it with graffiti and it was not working in any case. So with this in front of us we took ourselves to what was left of the town of Crystal Springs. We got some good pictures of the two structures that were still there and in our disappointment decided to ride to some other towns in the area to try and make up for it.

We took ourselves to the towns of Streeter, which was much more interesting than we expected, Tuttle and Wing. The last two towns were not much for interest but there was a nice mustard field and an old school house on the outskirts of town. Those two areas took up some of our time and along the way we had a nice ride on the Harley.

So the moral of this blog entry is if you do not find what you set out to find try and alternate route and you may just come to something more interesting or at least worth your time. So, take a look at our "North Dakota Ghost Towns", "People", "Harley Life" & "Floral" albums to see the results.


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Going "back" home...

So, the time had finally come for the trip we have planning to take for 3 years. Montana was calling us and it all started with my ancestry search that I have been doing for about 15 years now. I have a few gaps in the family tree but none happen until at least 200 years in the past. My tree actually goes back to the 1300's on a couple branches and I also found out the one line, the Benedict line, can be traced in America back to 1637... the beginning for the first settlement push into this country.

This takes us back to the trip... the other half of that Benedict line is my great grandmother Rose "Geiger" Benedict. In my search I found out in her parents, Xavier and Anna Geiger, many moves (St Joseph Colony) Regina area, Canada to Harvey area North Dakota to Hingham Hill Montana and finally to Troy Montana where they ended up dying and being buried at. Since then I have wanted to find our what that area was like and why they moved there. In that search, which still continues today, I found out the my Great Grandfather Xavier's parents were buried in that Colony I mentioned in the Regina area of Canada... trip I must take in the future as well.

We decided we would finally take a trip on the Harley, Black Pearl, to Montana since the trip last year to Yellowstone and Black Hills NP's went so well. We made our plans to take I-94 along the southern part of Montana all the way to Missoula which would be our gateway into the area my grandparent are buried. The experience of riding a Harley in these areas cannot be replaced by a car. The open feeling you feel as you ride in these areas is amazing. I thought we could not possibly replace the experience we had least summer but this trip was mind blowing and we are already planning a return trip to take in areas we found hard to completely experience without more time in those areas.

We found the whole western part of the state incredible including the town of Troy. We found the grave site of my great great grandparents. It is an old cemetery and not well kept in most expectations. It was sitting on the edge of a cliff of the gorge in which the local river runs through toward the town of Libby lower on this mountain area. It was beautiful and felt proud to have them there and to feel a part of this community even if in a small way. Later we even had a perfect day to ride through Glacier NP where the weather can change on a dime. In the end we did over 2,200 miles on the Harley and felt we could have spent much more time there than we were allowed to do in this trip. So in the end we encourage anyone to take a trip out to this part of Montana and see for yourself.

We have some videos here in the website (even more in YouTube itself) and new pictures in the "People", Harley life" and the new album of "Montana" if you would like to look at them....


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The "Arena" is open...

Ghost towns of North Dakota seems to be own new thing. We will either ride "Black Pearl" to locations or take the truck when needed but we are enjoying seeing sights that we would not normally think of finding otherwise.

Our next adventure took us the small town of Arena, North Dakota which is just west of the town of Wing. It has a nice setting along Harriot Lake and seems to have been only recently been abandoned. There is a set of grain elevators still standing with the log books still setting on the tables. Maybe you left a receipt there yourself a while back? There is a church, of course, that is barely hanging onto its foundation. Then there are also a couple houses still there and furniture still seems to be inside to some degree... I am not sure why but it is.

The weather was nice aside of having the ever present North Dakota breeze, 20 mph wind, to cool you off a little bit. The first course of action was to take a lunch break at Chat-n-Chew cafe in Wing before we got off to work in Arena. I recommend the Ham and Cheese sandwich... very tasty. The swallows greeted us when we arrived letting us know where their babies were nesting. Occasionally whispering in our ears sweet nothings when you got a little to close to their children... point taken. :-)

I do hope you go out to see it for yourself but be aware the structures are falling apart and I would not recommend going inside any of them anymore. The church seems to be looking for a slightly stronger wind to take it down for good. So get out there while they are still standing and experience it for yourself....


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Lost to time...

So we took a drive and it became an epic Saturday adventure to our surprise. I would say 80% of the day was either going through thunderstorms or driving along side them. There were times that we could not see very well as we were driving and then the sky's would open up again for us. We wanted to see a site that was featured on "Ghost towns of North Dakota's" website near Killdeer, ND. It is a state historical site called "Hutmacher Farmstead" and took some effort to find even though it turned out to be a lot easier than it originally seemed to be to us. We followed the map provided by "North Dakota Legendary's" website, they really need to have a more accurate location markers on their website map, and it took us to a farmers field southwest of Killdeer. The road was less than a gravel road... more like a Jeep road or farmers work road that happened to be very muddy on our day of thunderstorms. Once we threw a good share of mud with our truck we decided to call the Preservation society and they informed us to stay on the newly paved road of 114th Ave SW just west of Killdeer going south from Hwy 200. As it turned out if you drove a little further down the road we were on the site was on the right side of the road no more than two miles away from where we originally were.

This site was a complete surprise and is in a current state of repair by the Preservation society. It shows a lot of historical facts on some information boards and the buildings are really amazing to look at. It was like taking a step back in time and a lot of fun to photograph and Vlog opportunities for my YouTube channel. I will be working on the pictures over the next few days and when they are done please take a look at them on this website photo albums. This was a truly incredible place to visit and I recommend everyone to do the same if you have the time to drive out there...


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maNDan has some sites...

Today I had a day off so I took a little time in maNDan to get some shots of the local interests in that town I spend half my childhood in. One was a wood sculpture I saw carved in front of me in the local park by an artist in the early 80's. He was carving native art all over the country so one would be in every state. It has been a local marker in this town ever since. The second place was my final resting place of the future... the North Dakota National Veterans Cemetery. I thought getting a shot of the canon they fire a couple times a year during Memorial and Veterans days would be interesting. I tend to go to the cemetery every week or so to show my respect to the lost military brothers and sisters of mine.

There are plenty of other spots to hit in Mandan but these were the two I hit today. I will have to go there and get some more of this towns interests in the future but for now if you have time go to Mandan and explore the area... it tends to surprise. Do it!

The photos are in the "Miscellaneous" album. :-)


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Spring is in the air...

Today was an interesting day....

It was day two in the spring cleanup scenario at my house. Once again I took the obvious choice and grabbed my camera and hit the road. With the weather being in the low 80's the obvious choice would be to take the Harley out for a nice ride. I took the truck instead and later I would be glad that I did. I would end up on some rough spring roads with the ever popular pot holes dotting the highways. Then I found myself at one point on some long gravel roads along a wildlife preserve. Both those areas were a bust, in the photography area, but the rest of the trip was surprisingly good for me considering during this time of year there is no leaves out on the trees and shrubs yet.

I found a lot of interesting things along the way since it is spring there is seeding going on in the farm world and along with that repair work going on at the same time. A lot of these towns have objects that will somehow intrigue my interest and I will end up taking pictures of them as well. Then to top the trip off there were cows in the the you know what season... calving is right if that is what you were thinking. If you were thinking mating season you need to get your mind out of the gutter. :-) I happened to come across one cow that just delivered twins moments before I arrived so I tried to get a couple pictures without disturbing her but she was on guard and I felt it necessary to leave her alone after a few minutes.

So if you have free time believe it or not this is a good time to get out there and put your camera to good use and find those interesting areas just waiting for your visit. Get off the couch and hit the road all you lazy bones...

Take a look at the "Domesticated Animals" and "North Dakota" albums and see for yourself. :-)


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Free day at our National Park!

This weekend marked a fun time in the National Parks of our country. This weekend was free entry into all the National Parks so I decided to take a trip into our only National Park in my home state of North Dakota. What is the name of that park you ask? Why it is Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Our past president, happens to be my favorite president by the way, spent some time in his youth living in this area when the park was relatively unexplored. It also sits along a popular attraction for the locals in this state called Medora. If you have not been to these parks you really should take the time to visit them. Medora has some good historical buildings, a fun musical and the ever popular tourist shops for your visiting pleasure. Theodore National Park has a south and a north entrance to drive along and see some beautiful scenery, best seen at sunrise and sunset for your best photos, and some great wildlife on or near the roadways. I prefer to take the north entrance myself. I feel it has more to offer than the south entrance in my opinion but you will have to drive up highway 85 for a bit to get to it. It is worth your time though.

This weekend the buffalo were out for their photo opportunity so I obliged them with some of my time and took a few pictures of them. This curvy road also took me to some amazing overlooks to see the beauty of the northern entrance with one spot having an overlook tower for the park from the early days. So, if you fancy a look at these pictures find your way to the "North Dakota", "Wildlife" and "People" albums to see the pictures taken from this weekends trip...


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Rainy day in Western North Dakota...

Lets get this straight... when spring cleaning and photography are my options what do I choose? Yeah obvious choice right? :-) I took a drive I rarely do these days because of the stigma of the western part of our state. The level of change in western North Dakota is hard to swallow if you grew up here as a child. So as a photographer I am trying to get past that and go where people want to see images of this area. So today was the first of many trips I am planning this summer to this section of our state.

I took my usual favorite route up along the Missouri River past Washburn, my town of  my young days, and went as far as the North side of the big lake to start going west toward Newtown and Watford City areas. I found some farms along the way and a few rigs to take pictures of but the weather was not cooperating this day. There had to be three separate storms coming through at the same time when the weather reports said little of their chances. I did what I could and in one small break of the rain I found a cool church setting and even got one or two shots of the great Theodore Roosevelt National Part North entrance.

The biggest thing I got out if this trip is the growth to these two areas. Newtown is growing at a great rate but not near as much as Watford city. That town has some of the most dramatic change I have ever seen happen to a town. The amount of fancy new businesses in the old downtown and the vast plazas of shopping areas in the south section are something. The most amazing thing was the new high school though... to say it was state of the art and the term spare no expense may be used. Both have not weight in actually seeing it. Those kids have the best to offer from that new facility. It is set at the top of a hill and is beautiful... let alone HUGE (not that size matters). :-)

So all in all it was a good trip and I now know where I need to try and get photos on the next trip. I would say you need to check it out but for safety reasons I will not but if you are out there you will be impressed with what you see. It is certainly changing...

Check out the "North Dakota" album to see the experience...


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Driving through rural North Dakota...

Today was a day of adventure. Let us go to a place and down a road we have never heard of before. What better place to do that than east of the Bismarck area. If you take a drive on any of the state or county roads here in North Dakota and see a gravel road you have not been down before... take it!! You just do not know what you are going to bump into along the way if you do so.

Today we drove down highway 1806 and found some dirt roads along that route and found some run down windmills and cattle to take photos of. We wish we could have gotten closer to the cattle since it was calving season but we took what we could get on that one. Thinking we were on a roll we headed out even further east and found a gravel road coming off of highway 83 south and made our way to Braddock. This town is as small as it gets and people know when you aren't from around here... if you know what I mean. :-)

We spent some time in that town and on a whim decided to take the gravel road going north out of the town. We found a old location with buildings from over a hundred years ago. Like I said before people know when you are not from there and a couple gentlemen came up on us and talked to us telling us the history and what was sitting there in front of us. There is actually a thatching event every September there and I have never heard of it... and I have lived here a great deal of my life.

You just never know what you are going to find so if you have the time take a chance and go down that road you know nothing about. You may be surprised at what you find down that road. :-)

Check out the "North Dakota" album to see more...


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Day off in Winter...

Today I had a day off from my regular job and thought it would be a great day for a winter drive before the weather changed turning the landscape into a dirty rendition of apocalyptic ruin around here. It was a brisk 10 degrees outside so I headed south along the river and found a few things I did not expect along my way with the weather testing me each time I got out of the truck. I found the snow blowing across the road at one point, a train holding up from my drive at another point and of course an abandoned homestead allowing me a couple shots of the home in another.  I did not find much and it was not my best work but that is what it takes in photography of this type. A lot of driving for hours that never seem to end for a couple pictures you might want to keep for the long run. So today what I took with me are in the "North Dakota'", "Domesticated Animals" and "Miscellaneous" albums in the website. I hope you will take a look and I also hope for more of these kind of days to come....


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Epic Harley trip 2016...

My wife and I have been planning an epic vacation for a long time. Things happen, whether in our control or not, and the trip just kept getting put off until a later date. She had not been to Yellowstone national park since a kid and wanted to go there badly. So, we started planning this near the beginning of the 2016 winter and by March of this year we finally got everything booked and planned out. So, we were finally ready to go and could hardly contain ourselves until the day arrived when we could leave!

The plan was to ride the Harley-Davidson throughout the trip and by my calculation it would be around 3,000 miles when we were all finished. We would start by riding out of North Dakota and head to the Black Hills of South Dakota. We would spend three days in the hills so we could ride around and see the usual sights while we were there. We did the Needles Hwy, Iron Mountain pass and as many back roads, we have never been on, that we could find. While we were there we made sure we stayed in Deadwood so we would have a bit of nostalgia to go with it. We then would head out through Wyoming to get to Yellowstone and Teton National Parks. Along the way we found a great ride through a park we had not heard of called Big Horn National Forest. On the way back and going through there we caught our only rainfall and hail storm at the summit of that pass. It was not a pleasant experience but it was something to remember and too talk about for the rest of our lives... that is for sure. We stayed in Dubois while we were there and rode in through two passes every day to go to Yellowstone and experienced all it had to offer. I have to say I was very surprised at all the things to do there. We tried to get all  of them in but time prevented us from experiencing everything. Thus leaving us the opportunity to do this again some day. We did go into Jackson a couple days to experience Teton National Park and the towns historic center as well.

This trip turned out to be far better than either of us had anticipated. I forgot how much I loved Jackson and that area from the time I used to live there. I highly recommend to anyone to take a trip out there, on a Harley if you can, and experience it for yourself. You will not be disappointed. :-)

You will find photos from this trip from myself and Kris, hers are labeled as such, in several albums in this website. I believe we have some in the People, Miscellaneous, Floral, South Dakota, Wyoming and Wildlife albums. It could be more albums but I am not sure. I hope that you will look at them. Enjoy and if you want to get any prints of our work please use the contact page to let us know and look at the About Me page to see the costs.



(Trustys Image) Wed, 06 Jul 2016 00:19:00 GMT
Medora/Theodore Roosevelt NP...

Medora/Theodore Roosevelt NP --


Today I decided to get away from the every day life in the Bismarck area and get to one of North Dakota's treasures before the tourist rush happened. I headed out west to the town of Medora in the National Park of Theodore Roosevelt. Turned out it was a beautiful day to do so and at the same time it would give me an opportunity to use the video cameras of my iPhone and my new GoPro.

I got some good driving footage with the GoPro on the way into and through the town of Medora. I got to show some of the old western style buildings in town. Some of them go back to the time the town was founded. I also got some driving footage of my self going through the National Park as well and used the iPhone along with the GoPro to capture some wildlife footage as well.

I put all the videos onto YouTube and Facebook if you would like to see them.

I also took a lot of pictures with the iPhone and my Canon 1D Mark III as well. I could have done better but I was rushing myself for some reason so personally I am disappointed with the photos I took today. I have to learn more patience when it comes to trips like this. I do not have to get home by supper time every time I go out to take pictures... say that to yourself 100 times to get it into your head. Be patient and get the shots you want from your adventure.

I put the pictures I thought were ok in the "North Dakota" and "Wildlife" albums for you all to look at so enjoy...


(Trustys Image) Sun, 15 May 2016 00:17:00 GMT
YouTube addition...

I am starting a video blog on YouTube to go along with my regular blog on my website and the photography there as well. All interconnected in one way or another so people can see in more detail where we go, what we do and how we do it. It may even give you some insight into our life in general so we hope you will enjoy it. Please subscribe to our channel, like the videos you enjoy and comment when you can on the videos as well. This should add a lot to the experience so we are now a Photography/Blog/Vblog experience all in one. :-)


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February drive...

Today; my wife and I took our first trip out of the house, and from the hospital for that matter, to Lake Sakakawea area to see what kind of pictures we could come up with. It was a little cloudy in some parts and sunny in others only miles apart. It is a little muddy out, brown plant life from the season and very little activity to be seen. In all that we remained hopeful. I told her we have to look for things that people from outside this area would like to see. One location was an old windmill surrounded by the new energy windmills we have out here. The next was an old farmstead that had hundreds of Canada Geese  in the fields. It was too muddy and we could not get close enough for descent pictures though. The next area was along Lake Sakakawea in the Riverdale area. We saw some Ice fishermen out there trying to get that elusive catch of walleye. We would have gotten closer shots but we were surprised that people were out on the ice... way to warm for us and trusting that ice was just not happening for us. Finally the last stop was on our way back home around the town of Stanton. We saw the power plant there and took an off road to make an attempt at a scenery shot of the power plant. All in all we had a good time... it was nice to get out of the house and with the frustrating season we did get a few photos out of the day as well. So if you think there is nothing out there to shoot some days think twice and try anyway. You may be surprised at what you get. :-)

(Trustys Image) Sun, 21 Feb 2016 00:09:00 GMT
Cold January day...

I always find it difficult to do photography in winter for some reason. I
find it dead and unappealing to me. I occasionally go out to give it a
try when everything is covered in frost. I love the look of nature when
it is covered in frost. I love the way if the light is just right you
can get a blue hue to the photos. I went out hoping that would be the
case this day but found out it was not to be. I think I was a day late
in trying to get those frost shots and it was far to overcast to get
that blue hue from the sun and ice. I did take a few pictures though
along the river of a couple bridges and I hope you will take a look at
them in my "North Dakota" album...

(Trustys Image) Sat, 23 Jan 2016 00:09:00 GMT
Blood Moon...

Last night I took the time, away from my Broncos game on TV, to go outside and take some photos of the Blood moon lunar eclipse. I started out on preset settings on the camera and then slowly adjusted to some more manual settings to see what I could come up with. They could have been a lot better with some preparation but I have three in the Miscellaneous album for you all to look at if you like. Night photography can be very difficult with the speed, time lapse and exposure needs to take them correctly... so if you want a challenge then give it a try for yourself. :-)

(Trustys Image) Mon, 28 Sep 2015 23:09:00 GMT
Black Hills...

So, I finally got to processing my personal photos from our trip to the
Black Hills in South Dakota during the Labor Day weekend. This set is my
personal photos from the trip. So, take a look at the "Domesticated Animals",
"Wyoming", "South Dakota", "Flora" and "Wildlife" albums to see my
photos I just put up. Let me know what you think and enjoy...

(Trustys Image) Sun, 13 Sep 2015 23:09:00 GMT
The "Hills" are alive...

Well, we finally got a chance to take a small trip to one of our favorite places... the Black Hills of South Dakota. No, we did not take the Harley on this trip. Kris is still recovering from her serious shoulder surgery she had in early June so we took the truck for a ride and the camera equipment as well to get Kris some training on the 40D I gave to her since my 1D purchase I made in February. It is a great place to practice some skill sets on many different areas of photography for her. You have landscape, wildlife, portrait and floral opportunities out there. So, this was a great opportunity for her.

We got to stay our first night at the "Gem" hotel, which was made famous by being one of the first successful hotels during the Wild Bill Hickok days of the town... not to mention the HBO TV series recently aired helped some to. Great place to stay and the food was to die for in the restaurant there. The next two days we stayed at "The Lodge" resort on the north hill of Deadwood. A wonderful hotel with a great casino there as well. Food, as well, was great but the rooms made it a must stay for anyone coming to Deadwood to stay.

We fortunately got to do just about everything we wanted to on this trip... from Needles Highway, Mt Rushmore, Reptile Gardens, Bear Country, Keystone, Custer (Purple Pies a must stop), Hill City, Deadwood, Lead and Devil's Tower were all hit this trip by us. Along the way Kris got in some practice on the camera and I got some of the rust off as well. This post is to show you her photos that I put on this website and you can find them in the South Dakota, Wyoming, Wildlife and Miscellaneous albums and are marked with a "K" under the photos to tell you that they are her photos. Please take a look and let her know what you think.

I am just now starting to work on my photos and they will come shortly...

(Trustys Image) Thu, 10 Sep 2015 23:09:00 GMT
Quilting ride for Kris...

Today my ride on the Harley took to me to Carrington on an errand for my wife. I was stopping at a local quilting shop to get her pattern number 6 out of 8 for her North Dakota themed quilt she is to make. Last weekend we went to four other towns to get their patterns and yesterday we went out to one other. So we have been around the state to get these patterns and next Saturday will be the last two in the Fargo/Grand Forks areas.

Today on my ride I happened to come across a complete farmstead that had been long abandoned but still intact enough to get some photos of it. Two of those photos are in the North Dakota album for you to look at. I will have to take more of these trips because there are a lot of ghost towns and abandoned farmsteads out here in our state. One just has to look to find them. Some are out in the open for you to see and some you will have to work at to find but a great many are worth the effort to find if you put in the effort in finding them...

(Trustys Image) Sun, 19 Jul 2015 23:09:00 GMT
Scandinavia in North Dakota...

Today I took a ride on the Harley and halfway through the ride I found
myself in Minot. I took the chance, being in this city with some time on
my hands, and stopped at the Scandinavian Heritage Center. Some of the
things found in this center are found in the Black Hills of South Dakota
as well but not on the level that is shown in Minot. The center has
several different things to look at but in one location instead of
spread out over several areas. If you have not taken the time to stop
here while you are in Minot I suggest you do. Since I have a lot of
Scandinavian blood I take great pride in places like this and really
enjoyed seeing it. I will now have to stop by there more often now that I
know how nice it is. I suggest you do the same...
Check out the "Dakotas" album...

(Trustys Image) Sat, 27 Jun 2015 23:09:00 GMT
H.O.G. blessing ride...

Today the Central Dakota Chapter of the local H.O.G. riding group did
our annual ride to Garrison to get our blessings for our Harley's and
ourselves from the Minot and Bismarck chapters of the Christian
Motorcycle Association. Was a perfect day for riding... blue skies and
warm temperatures all the way there. We had a picnic lunch to go with it
when we got there, took some photos and got our blessings before
heading back home. I have one photo from the blessings in the "Harley
life" album and four photos in the "North Dakota" album as well in our
website listed below from my short stop in Washburn on my way back home.
As usual I love any opportunity to get on the bike and explore this
great state. Enjoy...

(Trustys Image) Sun, 07 Jun 2015 23:09:00 GMT
Another dream ride...

OK, maybe not of my dreams but I have waited to take a Harley ride along this path for many years now. This Memorial weekend gave me the opportunity to do so before Kris had her surgery done. This ride was as follows... Taking I-94 to Minneapolis and riding in the cities on my bike and seeing some family members, Twyla-Tinka-Kari where there to be seen, along with seeing the old house in central Minneapolis as well. I make sure to do all those things every time I get into the cities and this time was extra special being on the Harley. I then headed up I-35 and Hwy 23 to loop around to Superior/Duluth and going in to see my brother David. Had a great visit with him and he took me on some hikes around his house, after we had some Guinness and burgers on the grill, and got to see the area he lives in. Lastly I headed north along the shore of Lake Superior and through the state parks in Northern Minnesota that went through the towns of Ely, Grand Rapids and Bemenji. All of those areas are well worth a visit... absolutely beautiful country out there. After all that I felt like getting home... to say I was worn out would be a gross understatement. It was 1,325 miles later and I put five of my favorite photos on the website to look at while creating a new album to go with them. You can find them in the "NEW" Minnesota album if you would like to see them...

(Trustys Image) Sun, 24 May 2015 23:09:00 GMT
Washburn time...

Today was warm enough to get my first four months of riding my Harley in on my quest to ride every month of 2015. So, today I thought I would take it up River Road to my hometown of Washburn. Most people that know me tend to think that Mandan, where I went to high school, is my hometown. I on the other hand have always thought of Washburn as my hometown because of me growing up in my early childhood years there and still having family there to this day. Today i wanted to get there to both experience the ride along the Missouri River and to get some photos of the cool grain elevator in Washburn. Both missions were accomplished and two of the photos I took are in the "North Dakota" album for everyone to look at on this website. So enjoy and if you have a bike and the time take the trip for yourself... you will enjoy it! :-)

(Trustys Image) Sat, 04 Apr 2015 23:09:00 GMT
Red Moon...

Got the chance to wake up just at the right time this morning to see a
rare sight. A Red moon was out between 5-7am this morning and the peak
being just before 7am from what I saw. I took a bunch of photos but with
typical luck most of the time there were clouds in the way or the sun
was coming up to fast on me at the lighting wasn't right. I did get a
few descent shots off though and I have two of my favorites here in the
website in the "Miscellaneous" album for you to look at... one even has a
light streak going through it which was a plane taking off here at the
Bismarck airport. So, with that said I hope you enjoy them...

(Trustys Image) Sat, 04 Apr 2015 23:09:00 GMT
White power in North Dakota?

If anyone has heard of the events in the small town of Leith, North Dakota then you are aware of why I titled this post the way I did. While the Harley is in the shop for a new tire being put on it I thought I would head out this way and see what my camera finds. Came into Heil and found one item worth photographing... a beautiful old church. I was disappointed that it was chain locked but I took some angle shots of the exterior and got a couple good ones out of the shoot.

My next stop was the the famous town of Leith. You will see some photos of the Jail and Elevator of this town here. If one is unaware of what happened there here is a small uneducated description of the events. A white supremist man who lived in Canada for a time decided to buy a large part of the small town of Leith which was in financial trouble. Upon his arrival the town figured out quick he was not what the town needed... events that occurred was his radical friends showing up and those men interrupting town meetings with their pushy and threatening beliefs. At one point they walked down the town center with guns to show their power. This landed them in an old jail in town until they could formally have charges put on them and taken to the court system for trial. News crews blanketed the town making it look like a circus. One funny point at the end of it all was a talk show did a DNA test on him and found out that he actually had African black blood in him. He was less than pleased with this news and in the end ended up with some serious jail time.

My next attempt was to make a shortcut, on a gravel road, to get to Raleigh. After a while I noticed that the curved road listed on the map was not as it shown on that map... I ended up taking a lot of turns to try and get to Hwy 31 and in the process traveled into the Reservation and about 6 miles from the South Dakota border. I was a little off track so after a detour through Porcupine, North Dakota I found no more photo ops until I found a field near Ft Yates with some horses in it before heading back home.

Was an interesting and beautiful drive that took me to a lot of places I did not know existed. I hope you enjoy the photos....

(Trustys Image) Sun, 29 Mar 2015 23:09:00 GMT
On to the next stage...

There comes a time Anthony Olson in every athletes career, no matter what stage you are at, where it will come to an end. As you get older you come to find out it was just a stage in your career and in your life in general and will live with you forever. At the moment you are overcome with sadness of losing something you held so dear but those feelings will fade in short time to good memories you will only smile about when you think of them in the future. I know where Anthony's heart is tonight but as I walked up to his mother on the sideline I knew I had to tell her to go and give him lots of hugs tonight and tell her I know what he is feeling and those hugs will go a long way in him healing. I hope he will walk away from his high school days as an athlete with just fond memories of all he had accomplished... his family and friends surely will. He blessed us with his talent and we all have the luxury of seeing him do the same at the next level in college. Northern University of Aberdeen here he comes... we know you will love him as we all have at the high school level! I cannot wait to see him play for that school.

I have added some more photos from his last high school game tonight into the "Sports" album of this website so I hope you will take a look and enjoy them as I did taking them from the floor...

(Trustys Image) Sat, 21 Mar 2015 23:09:00 GMT
Anthony's star on the rise...

Tonight I was at my cousin Anthony Olson's Class B basketball game to take some action photos of him playing. I found out early that I had the wrong lens with me. I took my 100-400 f/3.5-5.6 lens thinking I would be shooting from the stands. As it came to be I was on the floor shooting and found it was really difficult to keep up with the action and this lens. It was to slow for that kind of somewhat close fast action and I needed something a little wider for this shoot. I should have had my favorite lens with me being the 24-105 f/4 L lens but alas it was to late for that and I had to do what I could with what I had with me. I have put some in the "People" album for you to look at but I will have to try this again and see if it comes out better the next time out. Aside from my photos Anthony is a great athlete... having taken some football photos of him and now the basketball photos I have seen up close a very great athlete and best of all a great young man with a lot of character, leadership and class in my young cousin and that brings me more joy than the photos I have taken of him... I wish him well on his college career and hope to see him compete at that level as well. :-)
You can see the photos I added to my website in the "Sports" album if you would like to look at them...

(Trustys Image) Sat, 21 Mar 2015 23:09:00 GMT
Down by the river...

Today I took my Harley out to ride around Bismarck and found a few places I may be able to get some descent photos. Around this time of year it can be difficult but there are always things to be found in what looks like a dead landscape. I am sure to go to these sites again in the summer when everything is in bloom and pretty but this is the result today. I have added some photos to the "Dakotas" album in this site. I hope you will take a look and let me know what you think.  :-)

(Trustys Image) Sun, 15 Mar 2015 23:09:00 GMT
Driving the Enchanted highway...

Today I took a ride down Highway 21 to the Enchanted Highway and back
home via Interstate 94. Along this route you can find wildlife on
occasion, not this time, some old smaller towns and a highway taken over
by medal sculpture art. It was the first 70 degree day of the year for
me on the Harley so I was really stoked to get out there and see what I
would come up with. I found some interesting old buildings in Elgin,
Carson, New Leipzig and Mott. I also took a ride up the Enchanted
Highway to view all the sculptures that line that highway between Regent
and Interstate 94. If you have not taken this route I seriously
recommend it. I took my favorite photos and put them in my "Dakotas"
album so take a peek...

(Trustys Image) Sat, 14 Mar 2015 23:09:00 GMT
Hike to Ft. Lincoln...

Took a hike to Ft Lincoln State Park today... Parked along the hillside because the entrance is closed for the season still. I found that behind the picnic area there is a dirt path that will climb the hill to the most distant Fort tower that overlooks the rivers below. I found on this journey I am way out of shape for this and need to get more hiking in this summer to do this kind of thing. After a few stops, to catch my old person breath, I got to the top with some great views of the area. I really look forward to the summer time here with all the trees and brush along the river to be in full bloom. I took a few pictures today of that Fort tower and made my way back out. They came out pretty good considering the season we are in at the moment. You can find them in the "Dakotas" album if you want to see my two favorites from this trip...

(Trustys Image) Wed, 11 Mar 2015 23:09:00 GMT
Ride to Almont...

Today we reached 62 degrees or better... so, I took the Harley and rode off to the town of Almont which is about 40-50 miles from my home. The ride was nice... a slight chill in the air and the sun shining without a cloud in the sky. A few more degrees and it would be a perfect day on the bike. I will not complain in either case... any time to get on the bike and shoot some photos is a perfect day to me.

Once I reached the town of Almont I found I picked a perfect time of the year to come to a town like this. This is a farming town and a lot of the main street in town has the 100 year+ buildings lined up along the street. The spring melt off gives it some muddy water and dead looking trees along with the old style architecture in this town. When shooting in Sepia or Black and white this town is a must for the photographer in me. I switched it up with some color, sepia and black and white shots. I will have to return to this town and shoot some more but this is the best of what I have come up with this time around. :-)

(Trustys Image) Mon, 09 Mar 2015 23:09:00 GMT
Drive to Braddock...

Took a first trip in both living here in the Dakotas again and with the new camera for a photo shoot. It feels good to get out on the gravel country roads here in the Dakotas again to find places and things I find curious and worthy of some shutter movement on my new Canon 1D Mark III.

I took a drive east on Lincoln road until I came to Hwy 83 and headed south. I found a curious sign that said welcome to Braddock with nothing to be seen from the highway. I was curious and started driving down another beautiful gravel road until I came to a very small but intriguing town called Braddock. Lots of old buildings there for the photographer in me, a cross with the crucifixion of Jesus Christ out in a field and wonderful views over the prairies along the way. Sadly I could not take any of those with all the blowing snow, haze from the overcast clouds and the snow falling in general. There was just not enough distance to take photos of those views this time. I will have to return during the warmer months for that privilege. My trip back home took me along Hazleton Road, which is also gravel, to Hwy 1804 and found a lovely church with a grave yard along its side. 

All in all this was a good first trip to get my hands wet again so to speak. I am so excited to be out doing one of the things I love again and will keep you posted on the future ones as well...

(Trustys Image) Mon, 02 Mar 2015 00:09:00 GMT
New "Gun"! :-)

I have bought a new "Gun" today for my shooting pleasure! I have bought a Canon 1D Mark III from a photographer in Florida. He is a professional photographer and took very good care of this camera, it is flawless with very little shutter use, so I am thrilled to have it. Considering when it was new it went for a mere $6,000 and I just bought it for $847 I think I just stole this thing. It is a huge upgrade from my Canon 40D that I was using before purchasing this camera. They have the same pixel rate but the speed is ridiculously better for the 1D compared to the 40D and the image quality is far better as well. So I cannot wait to start using this thing.

Here is a link to a review on it to give those that are curious about it to look at...

(Trustys Image) Fri, 20 Feb 2015 00:09:00 GMT
New photos...

I have loaded some new photos to our Wildlife, People and Dakotas pages for everyone to look at. Not stellar but at least we are getting the ball rolling again and getting out there and working the cameras again. Sure to be more coming in the near future so take a peek and look for more to come. :-)

(Trustys Image) Sun, 26 Oct 2014 23:09:00 GMT
The beginning...

Today the website is live!

I have everything set up here, except the business license and Federal Tax ID to sell the photos, so everyone can look through at what I have done in the past and what comes in the future for this photog. All the photos up on the site to this date are some of my favorites from the years 2004-2010. I have not done much since the moment we decided to move back to North Dakota from Alaska for one reason or another. My wife has been stressing to me lately that I needed to start doing it again because she thought I was good at it. I believe I have finally gotten to the point where I wanted to shoot photos again so that has led us to here today with the start of this website. I hope everyone enjoys the setup and the photos to come. North Dakota can be an interesting canvas if you just know where to look. :-)

(Trustys Image) Sun, 09 Feb 2014 00:09:00 GMT