While living in Alaska I found a passion for photography with all the vast scenery, wildlife and unusual places only found there in that beautiful state. Once moving back home to North Dakota became a reality for us I lost my inspiration for a time until I really got out and searched the backroads of this home state of mine and found that passion again.

I have taken that passion I found in Alaska and now I'm taking it to North Dakota. I have also taken up some video editing as well to document the adventures I go on so others can also see the beauty of this state I live in. So in this site you will find the photos of the adventures, Blog entries of the adventures and now Vlogs of those adventures as well.

I hope you will enjoy what you find here and if you want something that inspires you I am setting up automatic purchasing and shipping from each album and picture for that matter if you wish to have then in your home.

Enjoy and thank you for visiting. :-)

* Landscape photography based in Lincoln, N.D. *